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New Study Finds Advanced Warnings Common Prior to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

SCA iconWarning symptoms, notably chest pain and dyspnea, occur during the 4 weeks preceding sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in at least half of cases involving middle-aged adults, suggests a new study. The warnings are usually ignored, observe researchers, with few patients phoning 911 in response to what is almost always a fatal event. The analysis based on the Oregon Sudden Unexpected Death (SUD) cohort was published online December 22, 2015 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Four Killed in Crash of SkyLife Helicopter near McFarland


Four people were killed after a medical helicopter crashed while flying to a hospital in California Thursday night, officials said. The victims included the pilot, a nurse, a paramedic and a patient, Central California EMS Director Dan Lynch told reporters. The crew worked for SkyLife, a medical transport service jointly owned by American Ambulance and Rogers Helicopters. The SkyLife helicopter was traveling from Fresno to San Joaquin Community Hospital in Bakersfield, a 10-minute flight. A search was started at 7:37 p.m. after there was no contact with the aircraft for 30 minutes, NBC station KGET reported. Searchers later found a debris field and there were no survivors, Kern County Sheriff's Office Lt. Bill Smallwood officials told NBC News. Bad weather and rain hampered the efforts of searchers, an official with the Kern County Fire Department said.

EMSAAC extends our deepest sympathies to our EMS colleagues and the families of the victims.


Los Angeles County Releases Annual EMS System Data Report

LA EMS logoLos Angeles County EMS has also just released their annual EMS System Data Report for 2015. This document presents quantitative information in graphic formats that summarize the delivery of emergency medical services in California's single largest local EMS system. To view this report click on the link below:

LA County EMS System Data

Fire Chiefs File Federal Lawsuit to Clarify California EMS Statute

CFCA logoOn November 12, 2015, the California Fire Chiefs Association filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court naming two California EMS Authority executives as defendants in a long-standing dispute regarding interpretation of statutory language related to cities and fire districts who were providing EMS prior to implementation of the EMS Act in 1980. California's Health & Safety Code, Section 1797.201 allows eligible cities and fire districts to continue providing these services as long as they have continued to do so without interruption. The Fire Chiefs hold that this section also grants exclusivity and anti-trust protection for these entities. The Authority has long maintained that exclusivity and anti-trust immunity are conveyed only under Section 1797.224.
The full text of CFCA's complaint as filed is available at:  CFCA COMPLAINT

Disaster Medical Health System Responds to Valley Fire

Valley Fire

In September, the Valley Fire consumed over 76,000 acres and destroyed over 1,300 homes in mostly-rural Lake and Napa counties. Region II Disaster Medical Health Specialist Kelly Coleman was very busy sharing situation status reports and coordinating resource requests for EOC management, shelter medical and mental health needs in the impacted area. Surrounding counties from Region II responded generously with incident management, medical, mental health and other disaster support staff. Field operations included the deployment of Medical Reserve Corps units from Contra Costa, Marin and Santa Cruz to provide disaster medical services for evacuation centers, public shelters and local assistance centers. Important lessons in interagency coordination and communication, resource ordering, and demobilization will eventually be shared with fellow LEMSA colleagues, and our public health and medical partners.

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