Save the Date: September 25-30, 2023 National EMS memorial Bike Ride

September 25-30, 2023
Reno, NV to San Francisco, CA

The National EMS Memorial Bike Ride, Inc. honors Emergency Medical Services personnel by organizing and implementing long distance cycling events that memorialize and celebrate the lives of those who serve everyday, those who have become sick or injured while performing their duties, and those who have died in the line of duty. 

The National EMS Memorial Bike Ride seeks to recognize the sacrifices of EMS personnel who are killed in the line of duty, who become sick or injured during EMS service, or who died of various causes but who left an impact on their local — or the greater — EMS community.


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Exam Notification for Sacramento County EMS Coordinator

Exam Notification for Sacramento County EMS Coordinator.  Application date is March 1, 2023.  To apply go to Government Jobs.

The Department of Personnel Services, Employment Services Division announces the exam for:

Emergency Medical Services Coordinator

Exam # 29506-B

Approximate Monthly Salary: $8,023.14 - $9,752.70


Under direction, supervises, assigns, reviews, and participates in the work of staff responsible
for the activities and operations of the Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services
Agency; ensures work quality and adherence to established policies and procedures; and
performs the more technical and complex tasks relative to the assigned area of responsibility.


An Associate’s Degree, or equivalent, from an accredited college or university in Health Care
Administration, Public Health Administration, Public Administration, Nursing, Health Science,
Life Science, Physical Science or other field closely related to the intent of the class;


Two years of full-time paid experience reviewing, evaluating, and monitoring state or local
governmental Emergency Medical Services programs.

One year of full-time paid experience as an EMT, Paramedic, Mobile Intensive Care Nurse,
Army Medic, or Navy Corps-person.

Please refer to the full job announcement for cut-off dates and how to qualify.

(Final cut-off is at 5:00 PM on March 1, 2023)

Please see job announcement for important testing information, including tentative test
dates. This communication is a courtesy announcement only and is not meant to replace the full
job announcement. Please view the official job announcement for all requirements and testing
information. The full job announcement and online application is available for viewing on our
website at www.saccountyjobs.net.

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2023 Conference - Save the Date!

The EMS Administrators’ Association of California (EMSAAC) cordially invites California’s EMS leaders and professionals to join us for the EMSAAC Annual Conference 2023 at the Omni San Diego Hotel in the heart of the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter. EMSAAC continues to lead the way in creating conferences that are meaningful and exciting to attend. 

Each year, the EMSAAC Conference provides a broad variety of subject matter to interest all levels of prehospital care personnel and managers including ambulance providers, fire department personnel, military and law enforcement partners, EMS agency personnel, ED nurses, physicians, emergency preparedness coordinators and all of you who provide lifesaving emergency medical services to your communities. The conference includes lectures, panel discussions and opportunities to network with current leaders and innovators in EMS as well as preview new and upcoming equipment, products and services.

Register today!
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Employment Opportunity: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Specialist, Santa Barbara County

The Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services Agency (SBCEMSA) is currently offering an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in serving the County of Santa Barbara as an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Specialist. This is a full-time, permanent position in Santa Barbara.

This is a staff level professional position that reports to the EMS Systems Coordinator and performs administrative, analytical and support activities to ensure EMS providers in the County conform with Federal, State and local regulations, as well as contractual requirements, related to the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical care.
This position's responsibilities will include monitoring compliance of the EMS stakeholders and providers with contractual and statutory requirements; supporting Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) efforts; monitoring day-to-day EMS system data; provider inspections; project support; other duties as assigned. The appointee must be physically able to lift heavy items up to 30 pounds above and below shoulder height, climb ladders and perform continuous standing, walking, reaching, and bending; duties may require working in environments such as warehouses, medical shelters, Point of distribution (POD) locations, and at the scene of disasters or Mass Casualty Incidents.

For PRIORITY FIRST CONSIDERATION, your application must be received by March 22, 2021.


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RFP for Emergency Ground Ambulance Service in Stanislaus County

Mountain-Valley EMS Agency is pleased to release the following Request for Proposals for 9-1-1 Emergency Ground Ambulance Services with Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Transport in Stanislaus County.

All questions should be written and submitted no later than 10:00 AM on February 28, 2019 to [email protected] Answers will be posted on this site prior to the Proposers Conference.

A Proposers Conference will be held on March 8, 2019 at 2:00 PM at the Mountain-Valley EMS Agency, 1101 Standiford Ave., Suite D1, Modesto, CA  95350.

Sealed proposals will be received at the Mountain-Valley EMS Agency, 1101 Standiford Ave., Suite D1, Modesto, CA  95350 no later than 1:00 pm on April 15, 2019.

Click on this link to the website and further details.

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2018 California EMS Awards

2018 EMS Awards LogoOn December 5th, the California Emergency Services Authority (EMSA) recognized the outstanding contributions of three EMSAAC members. At the annual ceremony held in San Francisco, Bryan Cleaver (Coastal Valleys EMS) was honored as EMS Administrator of the Year. Mike Petrie (Monterey County EMS) received the Authority's Distinguished Service Award, and Steve Carroll (Ventura County EMS) was recognized with a Meritorious Service Award. Congratulations to each of our fine colleagues!

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Congratulations Contra Costa County EMS!

The American Heart Association has recognized our colleagues in Contra Costa County for their superior performance!

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New Study Published on Fatigue Risk Management in EMS

EMS Fatigue
A new study published in Prehospital Emergency Care, a journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians, includes five recommendations to limit the risks associated with workplace fatigue for EMS personnel. An executive summary from this study published in January 2018 states:
"This paper describes guideline development for the Fatigue in EMS Project and reports the results of the panel's review of the evidence and recommendations. This project was supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to address gaps in guidance for fatigue risk management through the Model Process and to aid the EMS industry with recommendations tailored to EMS operations and personnel. The primary targeted audience for this work includes individuals in positions of leadership, administration, and/or management of EMS personnel. Therefore, these recommendations are also meant to inform EMS personnel, and to guide their decision-making toward actions that can mitigate fatigue in the workplace."
The study's lead investigator, Dr. Daniel Patterson, is scheduled to be a keynote speaker on this topic at EMSAAC's Annual Conference in May 2018.
Download the article and five recommendations below:
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Court Rejects California Fire Chiefs' Petition Against Alameda County

alameda superior courtOn February 1st, Alameda County Superior Court refused to grant a request by the California Fire Chiefs' Association (CFCA) for an injunction against Alameda County EMS Agency and the California EMS Authority. The order would have removed language from the Alameda County EMS Agency’s RFP for 911 emergency ambulance service that prohibits the "Alliance" or "At Risk Subcontracting" Model. The case is scheduled for a full hearing later in February or in early March.
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REMSA's Innovative Approaches to Community Health

remsaIn 2012, Regional EMS Authority (based in Reno, NV) launched a system of community health programs to improve access to the appropriate level of healthcare throughout Washoe County, Nevada. Funded through a $9.1 million Health Care Innovation Award from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the program consisted of three interventions:

Nurse Health Line: a non-emergency phone number that provides 24/7 access to nurse navigators who could assess, triage and refer Northern Nevada residents to health care andcommunity services.
Alternative Destination Transports: paramedics conduct advanced assessments of 911 patients with low-acuity medical conditions and provide alternative pathways of care other than transport to a hospital-based emergency department, including transport to urgent care centers and clinics, a detoxification center, or mental health hospitals.
Community Paramedicine: specially trained community paramedics perform in-home delegated tasks and point-of-care lab tests to improve the transition from hospital to home and improve care plan adherence.
The comprehensive, integrated system created by these three interventions offered new referral and treatment pathways to ensure the safest and most appropriate care for patients with low acuity medical conditions. As a result, the innovative model successfully achieved the three goals of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim: improving the quality and experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.
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UBER or Ambulance?

UberAmbulances are a vital part of emergency medical services. However, they come in single, homogeneous, high intervention form, which is at times unnecessary, resulting in excessive costs for patients and insurers. In this recent paper, the authors ask whether Uber’s entry into a city caused substitution away from traditional ambulances for low risk patients, reducing overall volume. They found that the availability of Uber reduced ambulance volume by at least 7%.


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Amicus Briefs Filed in Orange County Case by EMS Administrators and California EMS Authority

Amicus CuriaeEMSA    emsaac logo new

The California EMS Authority and EMSAAC have filed separate amicus briefs in an Orange County case involving interpretation of California EMS statute. Neither is party to a lawsuit filed in Federal District Court against twelve Orange County cities and CARE Ambulance, Inc. that alleged illegal anti-trust behavior regarding their emergency medical services. The court dismissed the action filed by AmeriCare MedServices, Inc. in favor of the defendant cities. AmeriCare has now filed a brief (see link below) with Ninth District Court of Appeals. The EMS Authority and EMSAAC submitted "friend of the court" briefs to inform a possible review of the case by the Appellate Court.

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NHTSA Video on Importance of EMS Data

EMS.govNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has produced a YouTube video on EMS Data. The video describes the importance of documentation and the use of EMS data. It is primarily intended for field  providers. To view this video, click on this link: EMS DATA VIDEO

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ACA Implementation Reported to Increase Ambulance Response Times

ACAChristina Mattina with the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) reports on a new study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, indicating that expanded coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) added strain on emergency medical services, resulting in slower ambulance response times. Mattina states that “Using data from the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System from 2010 to 2015, researchers found that full implementation of the ACA (with Medicaid expansion) was associated with a 1 minute, 53 second increase in ambulance response times, which is nearly 19% higher relative to the mean. For each percentage-point increase in insurance coverage in a given county, ambulance response times were slowed by 22.8 seconds.”  

The report and a copy of the study are available here:  AJMC ARTICLE

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Electronic Controlled Substance Tracking in EMS

Narcotics securityThis whitepaper sponsored by Operative IQ describes the importance of instituting a system-wide strategy for tracking the usage and disposal of controlled substances, and how modern technology is making the process more efficient and accurate.


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EMSAAC Publishes Position Paper on Grandfathering and Exclusivity

LawOn August 14th, the EMS Administrators' Association of California (EMSAAC) issued a Position Statement on “Grandfathering” and Exclusivity Under Sections 201 And 224 of the EMS Act. The position statement was written with the assistance of Derek Cole, Esq. with Cota Cole LLP, who represented San Joaquin County in their successful litigation with the City of Stockton regarding the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of local EMS agencies and cities. EMSAAC has issued this position statement to clarify language within the EMS Act, to accurately summarize the findings of more than twenty years of case law, and to correct novel interpretations of the EMS Act that some are advancing within California. The California Fire Chiefs' Association (CFCA) has also responded to this position statement with its own rebuttal. These documents can be downloaded below:
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NAEMT Releases Report on EMS Preparedness for Disasters and Mass Casualty Incidents

NAEMTThe National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) recently released a report, National Survey on EMS Preparedness for Disaster and Mass Casualty Incident Response, based on the results of a 2016 national survey of EMS practitioners and managers. The findings offer insight into the level of proficiency and training of EMS practitioners who provide the medical response expected by communities during disasters and mass casualty incidents.

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GAO Publishes New Study on Pediatric Trauma Centers

Pedi TraumaThe Government Accounting Office (GAO) has published a report on Pediatric Trauma Centers that summarizes pediatric trauma care in the U.S. Click on the link below for a copy of this report:


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Anti-Trust Challenge by AmeriCare in Orange County Dismissed

AmericareAmeriCare Ambulance's combined complaint against twelve cities in Orange County (CA) and Care Ambulance for alleged anti-trust behavior has been dismissed by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The cities had either provided or contracted for emergency ambulance services prior to June 30, 1980. In its dismissal action on March 28th, the Court ruled these cities are entitled to anti-trust protection under California's Health & Safety Code, Division 2.5, Section 1797.201. An appeal by AmeriCare to the 9th Circuit District Court of Appeals is expected. The lower Court's ruling is found below:
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California Fire Chiefs Withdraw Lawsuit Over EMS Statute

CFCA logo       District Court           EMSA
As a result of the recent dismissal of a complaint by AmeriCare Ambulance by the U.S. District Court regarding anti-trust issues in Orange County (CA), the California Fire Chiefs' Association has now withdrawn a complaint it filed in federal court on January 18, 2017. The new complaint alleged violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by California EMS Authority officials. EMS Authority Director, Dr. Howard Backer, and Chief Deputy Director, Dan Smiley, were named as defendants.
In November 2015, the Fire Chiefs had filed a previous lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California to resolve a long-standing dispute over interpretation of lawmakers' intent regarding anti-trust protection for cities and fire districts that were providing emergency medical services prior to enactment of California's EMS Act in 1980. In that case, the defendants' motion to dismiss was granted by the District Court on December 26, 2016.
CFCA's complaints and the Court's ruling can be found below: 
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UC Berkeley Publishes Report on California's Private Sector EMS Workers

ambulance photo
The UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education has published a new report that finds many of California's private sector EMTs and Paramedics suffer from low wages and poor working conditions. Researchers from UC Berkeley and UCLA found that 22% of the State's EMS workers are employed by private ambulance companies that operate 81% of all EMS ambulances. Employee retention, turnover, effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, part-time work schedules, and inadequate training are also cited as challenges in the industry.
Follow this link for a copy of this report:  UC BERKELEY EMS WORKER REPORT
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EMSAAC Conducts Successful Workshop

WorkshopOn August 9th EMS Administrators and staff met in Rancho Cordova for a one-day workshop on EMT discipline and local EMS agency oversight for EMS aircraft. The goal of the workshop was to discuss standardizing procedures and policies used by local EMS agencies for these two areas. The focus for the EMT discipline discussion was how to handle the most common scenario that can result in taking action on a certification: an EMT with a first time drug/alcohol related arrest/conviction. LEMSA Administrators agreed to uniformly follow guidelines for Model Disciplinary Orders published by the California EMS Authority. For EMS aircraft it was also agreed to: 1) accept electronic patient care data from air ambulance providers in the most current version of NEMSIS, and 2) encourage air ambulance providers to develop a standardized set of treatment protocols for both flight medics and flight nurses to be used statewide.

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