Disaster Committee

disaster preparedness

EMSAAC's Disaster Committee represents our members in Statewide Medical and Health disaster planning efforts, and advocates for appropriate roles and authorities for local EMS agencies.

Current committee members include:

  • Nancy Lapolla, San Mateo County EMS Chair
  • Bruce Barton, Riverside County EMS
  • Dan Burch, San Joaquin County EMS
  • Steve Carroll, Ventura County EMS
  • Pat Frost, Contra Costa County EMS
  • Vickie Pinette, Sierra-Sacramento Valley EMS
  • Dan Speiss, Northern California EMS
Our Disaster Committee works closely with the EMS Authority's Disaster Medical Services Division in planning for coordinated disaster medical response in California. The Committee also acts in an advisory capacity to the California Department of Public Health on planning efforts to coordinate Public Health response during disasters.
Access this URL (http://www.emsa.ca.gov/disaster/files/ASTManual.pdf)Ambulance Strike Team Manual[April 2010]66 kB
Download this file (CA HSC 1797.153.pdf)CA Health & Safety Code 1797.153[MHOAC statute]178 kB
Download this file (Disaster Committee Platform2014-2015.doc)2014-15 Disaster Committee Platform[March 2014]28 kB
Download this file (Final EOM 7-1-2011.pdf)CA Public Health & Medical Emergency Operations Manual (EOM)[July 2011]1865 kB
Download this file (coalition capacity report 6 2011.pdf)CA Pediatric Disaster Surge Capacity[Contra Costa County EMS]337 kB
Download this file (FINAL Master CoCo Pedi Disaster and Surge Prep - JL.pdf)Pediatric/Neonatal Surge Planning Toolkit[Contra Costa County EMS]566 kB
Download this file (SDO Final December 2006.pdf)Emergency Standard Dispatch Orders[Santa Clara County EMS]62 kB
Download this file (FIRE GUIDE 073007.pdf)Countywide EMS Operations - Fire Service[Santa Clara County EMS]266 kB
Download this file (Medical Health Field Supervisors Guide.pdf)Field Operations Guide for Medical Health Supervisors[Santa Clara County EMS]1565 kB
Download this file (CAG Private Providers.pdf)Critical Actions for Private EMS Providers[San Clara County EMS]3543 kB
Download this file (2008 Duty Chief Internal Guide.pdf)Field Operations Guide for EMS Agency[Santa Clara County EMS]1519 kB

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