911 Medical Emergencies

Ensuring Reliability and Consistency of 911 Emergency Medical Response

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This three-digit number means that help is always within reach for some 40 million Californians. But did you know that LEMSAs oversee all 911 medical dispatch systems in the state? We make certain that each type of medical emergency is met with the exact right solution, whether that’s the full lights-and-sirens response or assuring that hospitals are properly prepared and equipped to care for critically ill or injured patients upon their arrival. Our standards and training programs empower the dispatchers on the other end of the line to calmly provide help – and hope – for people experiencing a medical crisis.

Emergency Call Centers

We oversee all emergency call centers that receive and process calls for medical assistance. Our local agencies train call takers to gather necessary information, prioritize calls, and provide pre-arrival instructions to callers, enabling them to provide immediate assistance until medical help arrives.

Ambulance and Medical First Responder Protocols

LEMSAs are also responsible for ensuring the availability and appropriate deployment of ambulances and medical first responder resources within their jurisdiction. We establish protocols and standards for ambulance operations, equipment, and staffing to ensure quality emergency medical care during transport.

Medical Equipment

Our agencies are responsible for procuring, maintaining, and distributing medical equipment and supplies used by emergency medical personnel. This includes ensuring the availability of essential medical supplies, medications, and life-saving equipment in ambulances and other response vehicles.