Certification & Training

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How can a standard of care be ensured across the state? LEMSAs are responsible for certifying the credentials of every paramedic or EMT in the state. Our standards mean that you can be sure that EMS service is consistently high quality, no matter where you live.

Each LEMSA is responsible for carrying out state regulations relative to emergency medical services systems. This includes the oversight of:

  • EMS field personnel accreditation
  • Local EMS training programs
  • Medical treatment protocols and policies
  • EMS communication systems

We’re responsible for developing and implementing medical protocols and guidelines that guide the practice of emergency medical personnel. These protocols define appropriate medical interventions, procedures, and treatment protocols to be followed during emergencies. We ensure that training programs meet state and national standards, conduct certification examinations, and maintain records of certified personnel.

Learn more about the full scope of a LEMSA’s responsibilities.

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Interested in a career as an EMT?

The State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) requires that anyone who practices EMT- or AEMT- level emergency medical services obtain a valid state-issued EMT or AEMT certification from a certifying entity or Local Emergency Medical Services Authority (LEMSA).